About Us

Adventure Awaits You!

We are an agency that offers Croatian boat trips in the most exciting ways. Allow us to spoil you with the secret and already revealed beauties of Croatia, ranging from the Dalmatian coast to the stunning islands of Croatia and even her beaches.

Why Choose Us?

We make your trip worth every of your penny. Our agency is filled with professionals who possess knowledge of the Croatian locals. They can take you to every nook and cranny while simultaneously applying skills and expertise in their modes of operation. The smiles of satisfaction on your face are our reward, and be certain that we would do all in our power to make you and your loved ones happy.

What Makes Us Different?

The existence of several boat tour agencies is not our concern because we are different and our services are top notch. InstaExperiences, as our name implies gives you instant happy experiences that would never leave your memory. Be rest assured that all your boat trips with us will begin and end with the same positive, vibrant and joyful energy. We give you Amazing experiences on the water, a dynamic experience of Croatia's number one tourist sites, and an unforgettable boating experience.

Won't you rather tour with us?

With us, you have the advantage of getting low commissions, PayPal online payment platforms and, directly interacting with the boat owners. The plus side? Our boat trips have a slight touch to them; we not only let you see the waters of Croatia, but we also give you the opportunity to swim and explore the natural islands of Croatia.

Trust us when we say that you are totally safe with us, as our boats have in them life jackets for your safety and our tour guides are skillful in avoiding and getting rid of threats or dangers.

What More Do We Offer

InstaExperiences offer InstaBoats services namely:

Speed boat charter & trips

Motor yacht charter & trips

Sailing boat charter & trips

Catamaran charter & trips


Experience Comfort and Total Privacy In Our Yachts and Boats.

Our yachts are well equipped with state of the arts sailing gear and instruments. They are also well maintained.

We also give you a wide variety of boats to select from. Our boats are luxurious, high category motor sailing boats and you can be assured of privacy while sailing on any of our boats. You do not have to bother about any mishap when sailing.

Our staff are ever present to satisfy your every need wherever you are; either at sea or at the base.

With InstaExperiences, boat trips are more fun and engaging. We even include  kayaking and jet-skiing in order to add more colour to your trips. With us, boat trips are more than just boat trips. Explore the Amazing Croatian islands today!  Book with InstaExperiences for your most memorable boat trip today!