Why Rent a Boat When You Can Book an Entire Experience...

Posted By Admin | 2 July 2019 | Boat Rental And Yacht Charter Croatia

Why Rent a Boat When You Can Book an Entire Experience...

Life at the water is pure indulgence and to enjoy its rush; boating is the way to go. However, there are various means to it, such as to rent a boat or book an entire trip with a charter yacht. Renting a boat and having a crewed charter are considered quite similar as you hire a boat for and pay for it. However, technically, the two are entirely different and refer to completely different boating experiences.

What to Expect with Rental Boats

The boats marketed for renting are smaller or personal boats, in most cases. And usually, these are available for rent from an hour to a day and are generally motor boats , yachts , sailing boats... When you rent a boat, you captain it yourself or hire your own crew and create your own experience. You have to bring all the necessary equipment and stuff to make your trip fun as well, such as fishing gear, water sports equipment, refreshments, and meals, among others.

What to Expect with Boat Charter Trips

Charter boats are generally bigger sailing boats or motor yachts; they are furnished for more extended and more relaxed stay for a week or more.

A yacht charter allows you, your family, or friends to spend the days on the water while the boat is run by a licensed captain. You are completely free to plan and execute your activities, whether it be fishing, snorkeling equipment, and sightseeing or water sports, among many other options. So, all you need to do is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. Many charter companies propose modular programs such as the provision of the boat as per your needs and services. Let’s get into the individual differences.

Charted Yachts VS Bare Boating

The charter boat is the right choice if you have never chartered before and even if you have. The reason is that a skippered yacht has many advantages. It is particularly sensible when you do not own a sailing license, enough experience or qualifications required for chartering a boat on your own. Furthermore, a skipper is equipped with a vast knowledge of waterways; it conditions and knows how to deal with different situations and advises the crew about various tasks on board.

The trained will make sure that you have all the essential information on the coolest things to do, sights to see and taste in the places you visit. They will not only provide you with the details but also will arrange it all for you like your personal tour guide without the cost. Isn’t it what you would expect from a great sail?

A Complete and Pampering Experience

A team that takes care of everything on the chartered yacht with an experienced skipper, with the cook and the hostess is pure luxury for making your holidays fun. You can also learn from the skilled skipper how to sail while the cook is in charge of catering on board and provides you with regional and other different delicacies. The cook will purchase what is required, and you can also make requests and enjoy your favorite dishes at the water. He will be responsible for serving and washing the dishes.

The team will take care of it all before, during, and after you leave. The company and the boat crew will arrange for your provisioning, well-being, serenity, and your safety as well as plan for your fun activities, your breakfast, and lunch. The crew works as a team to back up all your and the travel needs. Your cockpit and galley will be tidy without you even noticing, and the boat will be moored without you even having to through a line.

Freedom VS Responsibility

When you rent or charter a boat yourself, you are copiously responsible for the ship, your trip, and any crew you hire. The long list of responsibilities includes navigation, sailing, anchoring, mooring, fuel charges, port charges, and also cleaning the ship. So, while renting a boat offers freedom and privacy, yet it is a complete responsibility and can cost you a significant amount due to little negligence. On the other hand, the captain and crew are responsible for a smooth sailing trip under consideration of weather, local conditions, and the safety gear and equipment on board in case of skippered yacht trips.

The skipper is professional and entirely responsible for maneuvering the yacht and takes the burden of caring and assuring that both yacht and crew are safe and happy. He knows the local cultures more than anyone else and will take you to the best local bars, taverns, and bays. The company will make sure that you have the best time of your life and would want to sail again with them.

Financial Costs

Many think that renting a boat is less expensive as compared to a crewed charter boat. However, it is not the case as the trip price of a charter yacht includes all the equipment required for the journey and recreational activities, meals and refreshments and the services of the crew. On the other hand, renting a boat only gets you a vehicle and includes only the amount paid for rent. But as you start to include the necessary equipment, meals, and activity equipment, the cost goes up. And with all the stuff and planned sail, your trip will not have the feel of pure fun and luxury as in the charter yachts because you will not be free to enjoy each and every moment of the trip and will have to take care of every single thing on the boat. On the other hand, the charter boat trip is pre-planned to provide you with a comfortable journey and plenty of time to enjoy the water, perform different activities, and sight-seeing.

So, let the professionals do what they do best and experience the best parts without having to think about managing a single thing, pure fun, right!