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  • trogir boats rent  and excursions
  • trogir boats rent  and excursions
trogir boats rent  and excursions

TROGIR I SPLIT to Blue Lagoon and Šolta - Three Island tour

  • Motorboat Experiences
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  • 9:00
322.00 €

Split / Trogir Boat Excursions

Satisfying our clients is our top priority, that is why we give them the freedom to fashion out the excursions as it best suits them. Due to this, there are no strict driving schedules. Although, the excursions can be adjusted depending on the circumstances at hand, while simultaneously maintaining some essentials such as;

Departure time: 9:00am 

Duration: As desired by the client.

Location/tour route

The tour begins from Split or Trogir to Blue Lagoon and continues with a drive through the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a  nice spot for swimming and sunbathing and this is most certainly not our final destination. The next destination is Maslinica, a small village located on the island of Solta. It is only fifteen minutes from the Blue Lagoon and has amazing stop-overs for taking short walks and having coffee.

The Solta island is magnificent and has several captivating locations to pick from. After a stop over at Maslinica, our clients get to pick either of two locations; the secret beach for diving or the swimming location in Rogac.

Once it's lunch time, we drive to an exquisite restaurant Stomorska which is the oldest town on the Solta island. As part of our tour, we make reservations for our clients and what's more? They don't get to pay for their lunch. As soon as lunch is over, our final stop would be at Necujam bay; a fascinating site with sunken ships where beginners can have a once in a life time experience swimming and snorkeling above sunk ships.

It's time to get back home by taking a thirty minute ride to our starting point; Split or Trogir.

Equipment Skipper, Speedboat , Bottled water, Passenger insurance, Security equipment, Free use of go pro camera and diving equipment 
Booking Type Per Boat
Refund Policy Change Or Refund
Additional Information Fuel is not included in The price.

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